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Thread: "Neat" Panels?
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Following on from that thread about
stick-on PCB patterns, has anyone
got ideas about producing "neat"
looking front panels for project
boxes. You used to be able to get a
sort of photosensitized aluminium
sheet. Can't remember the name.

The idea was you made a
photographic (-) & put it over the
panel, gave it a blast under a UV
lamp, developed it somehow and  the
exposed bits stayed on. It allowed
you to produce a reasonably
professional looking panel with
printed labels for switches,
buttons, logo etc.

Haven't seen anything like that in
the electronics shops for years. Is
there anything on the market that
might do the trick?

Cheers - PJH

<37C45251.E2B79123@netstra.com.au> 7bit

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