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Thread: PIC Battery charger
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Jan Spies wrote:
> Hi
> Where can i find info about battery chargers and how to interface it to a micr
> jan

Hi, Jan - it'd help a whole lot, if we knew what battery chemistry you
want to charge.  Lead-Acid?  Ni-Cad?  Ni-MH?  Li-Ion?

I'm going to be doing a NiMH charger, looks like, myself (For a DR11
battery.)  For Duracell DR11's, for example,
http://www.duracell.com/OEM/Rechargeable/Nickel/methods.html is a good
place to look.  Tjaart has a PIC-based battery charger somewhere on his
web pages, cannot find it today though (I'm in a rush tho.)


<37C05A70.DE60206E@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/batterys.htm?key=battery
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