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Thread: Car MP3 Player
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Bob Blick wrote:
> >There is a dos program for playing mp3s - why bother with windows?  just run
> >it all from batch files and some buttons attached to a port on the mother
> >board to a simple console on the dash...
> That wouldn't work with large(17 gig in my case) hard disks, would it? It
> would be quicker shutting down than linux or windows.
> Thanks,
> Bob

Your motherboard's BIOS would have to support HDD's over 8.4Gb, and
you'd have to have less than 24 partitions (of 2.1Gb or less apiece),
the 2.1Gb limit's the limitation that Dos throws at you, the other's a
HDD Controller/BIOS limitation.  (I've controlled a 4Gb HDD with an old
ancient 16-bit IDE controller, can do it only because the Momboard's
BIOS supported LBA HDD's.  Not that it was as fast as a newer drive

It's possible Free Dos may someday not have this 2Gb partition size
limit?  I will go look into that about next <G>  It's now version 7.03,
downloadable off ftp://ftp.lineo.com/pub/drdos/DR-DOS.703/dr703.exe,


<37BEF6DF.D561788C@nwlink.com> 7bit

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