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Stuart O'Reilly wrote:
> Steve Ridley wrote:
> > <snipped>
> > What about
> > fan noise. Is it possible to load this motherboard you have suggested with a
> > processor that doesn't need a fan. I have discovered you can get away with
> > <snipped>
> I'm not to sure if you can get a processor without a fan these days. What sort
> of fan noise do you mean? wind noise or electrical noise.
> <snipped>

One local store has a fanless CPU heat sink that's for P100 or so
machines (Made by Micron), it's a nice "Top Hat" shaped aluminum dealie,
about $5 or so.  I think if you put a nice heat sink atop the CPU, and
thermally attached that heat sink to the Case - or Car Chassis, you
could do without a fan (or at least without much of one.)  Something
like a steel or aluminum strap, say 2" wide, 1/4" thick, should carry a
lot of heat to the case.  Thicker is better, here <G>  If you had a
Celeron or something, I'd try a heat sink that was on the outside of the
case, maybe, and pretty darn huge (say 10" square by 1" tall fins, and
keep it clear of anything that'll clog up the air flow?)

A CPU fan really doesn't use up that much power, though, compared to a
CPU's use of power, and if your CPU overheats it's not going to work
right.  I have laptops that have CPU fans, with all the power you have
available on a car, I'd just run a CPU fan, probably...

And don't worry about electrical noise (The switching electrical power
supply {DC-DC converter} generates more noise than any fan CAN generate,


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