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Thread: Re: Car MP3 Player (was Thanks for the Information)
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Stuart O'Reilly wrote:
> Matthew Fries wrote:
> > Well, most police cars have some sort of terminal in them, so you could just
> > turn it right back on them.
> >
> With the screen I was thinking of having it mounted on the centre of the dash
> with a little metal bracket or even strong velcro, that way when you park you
> can just remove it , unplug it and hide it under your seat (easy to move when
> you get pulled over by the police)Regards
> Stuart

Dunno about there, but here, if you start moving stuff around when
pulled over by the police, they tend to assume you have something to
hide - and take your car APART, to find it...  Better to do that some
other way, methinks.

One police officer I know suggests that the best thing you can do, if
pulled over, is put both hands high on the steering wheel, and keep them
there, once you've thrown your wallet on the dash where it's visible.
He says if he's pulling someone over, he feels a LOT less nervous when
he can see all car occupants' hands;  Understandable...


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