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Thread: Thoughts on Identifying [OT] stuff
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Unless we go to the Topics idea I suggested "ages ago", nothing's
automatically enforceable - I definitely agree with using subject lines
that start with [OT] (exact string there, nothing else), for anything
OT, so filters will work;  The other thing is that we've all seen
subject lines set up like this:
 [OT] Subject matter (way OT) (long)

Personally, I'd like it a lot if we didn't suffer from terminal Subject
Line retro-editing, as it can make it really hard to read all of every
thread in some sort of coherent manner (i.e. it tends to shatter the
thread so badly that nothing makes sense <G>) - If we all do things
consistently & try to keep with the "Principle of least astonishment",
it'd be good, methinks!  Definitely good to change subject lines if
you're picking up a new, different subject (Usually, people put in a
"Was: Old Subject" pointer to the old subject, to help people figure out
what's up there.)

Some other comments one user passed to me that I'll also mention (picked
off another list, so the subject line's aren't PIC-related.);

  1) ALWAYS put topic keywords at the beginning of the Subject line
     followed by a colon (:) (e.g. "9X,NT: Helper DLLs"). If you
     don't, it's likely that no one will read your message.

 (Well, we don't have keywords on this list, yet.)

  2) When including the message to which you are replying, instead of
     including the entire message, include only enough of the message
     to establish context.

 (Probably a VERY good idea;  I use <snipped> to indicate where I've
cut things short, but I find I get lost occasionally when someone
replies to something & I dunno what they're replying to.  Enough to
remind people what you're replying to, without so much that their inbox
overflows, is a good thing to consider <G>)

  3) Please keep your tag/signature lines short.  Only your name and
     E-mail address are necessary.  If folks want the rest, they can
     send you E-mail to get it.

 (Something to think about, it's not policy here, just don't way overdo
sig lines.)


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