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Thread: Driving a Stepper
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Russell McMahon wrote:
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 Autotransformer effect here, OK, makes sense.  Long weekend, no spare
brainpower this AM <G>  Saw it in the reading I've been doing, I keep
thinking in terms of 4 separate windings, need to remember that those
6-wire jobs are NOT so, at all, but have 2 center taps.  OK, good.

> In one design I drive a small unipolar stepper similar to this one with a
> ULN2803 darlington driver with built in diodes and I leave the common diode
> point open. In this case the driver is happy. YMMV :-).
> regards
>             Russell McMahon

 Good to know those gotchas that I forgot, I remembered all the easy
stuff like how to step things <G>


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