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Thread: Newbie Question : Wot hav I dunn rong?
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PC Pete wrote:
> <snipped>
> Apologies for the digital diarrhoea, I didn't want to just post "it
> doesn't work" and have 2 dozen "what about the..." enquiries. If I
> _have_ missed something, please let me know!
> Thanks for your patience!
> Regards,
> Peter

 IMO you probably did better than average as a first post - I haven't
used those programmers/parts, but you gave enough info that if I knew
'em well, I probably wouldn't have to spend a couple days asking probing
questions before I knew enough to help!  <G>  That really helps motivate
people to help (Lower investment of their time & effort, as you're doing
your part, so to speak.)

 Only thing I can think of that you might add, is to pass along a URL
pointing to your source code, so those interested in looking at it can
take a look (Best not to just push that to all 1800ish list members by
default; you did well!)

 Dan C's points look good to me, as a start, if that isn't it maybe pop
your code up on your web pages & post the URL?


<37AFDEF6.775B9BEE@nwlink.com> 7bit

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