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Thread: MPLAB desires
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Everything's done with messages in Windows, basically;  You send a
message to the File Register Window, telling it to change subwindow RA
to 0x49 (or whatever), IIRC you can intercept those messages, but it's
hard to do so without being part of that application (I'd have to go
look to be sure, it'd be easiest if Microchip did this as this sort of
thing's always simple with source code access & a *bear* without that.)

For Microchip to create a customizable LED-ized Register window would be
not too horrible, I'd think, and hiding windows is certainly simple
enough for those who don't use that window <G>  Not that hard to wrap
our brains around reading hex, either, though.


Jim Hartmann wrote:
>        Any windows programmers out there know if it is possible to
>        capture window repaint data?  If it is then repaints to the
>        File Register window or Special Function Register could be
>        intercepted and made to do something useful like light up
>        simulated LED's or what have you.
>        -Jim

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/languages.htm?key=mplab
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