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Thread: Electronic Drafting
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Eagle's definitely good, the one potential problem I had with it on my
palmtop 486 (IBM PC110) was that unless you have a mouse, it's hard to
use - It did run on that 8Mb 486slc33, though.  If you have a mouse,
it's a good answer;  A little more learning curve, very helpful people
at the company though.  The PC110 doesn't have a dos driver for it's
mouse/pointer, so I used the free Dos version of CirCad for a lot of
quick schematic sketching (http://www.holophase.com IIRC) - no mouse
required, smaller parts libraries, definitely quite usable as well.  Try
both, see which you like better, maybe?


Bob Drzyzgula wrote:
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<37AB479E.1D43536C@nwlink.com> 7bit

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