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Thread: Kynar motion
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> How about some details of where to get Kynar film, how to
> attach electrodes, etc. to demonstrate this effect?
> This sounds like a way cool thing to know about.

Kynar is available from AMP Inc (the big connector makers)
The only address I have here is Valley Forge P.A.
Kynar is a Piezo Film that can be used for hydrophones (my main use),
speakers (above 2kHz), contact microphones, pyro sensing (.. very
good IR detectors) and very high reliability/cycle life switches
(dynamic only though, not absolute).. Gottlieb use it in Pinball
Machines now.
Electodes are vapour deposited on the material so can either be
inserted in a pressure contact or a type of rivet attached to it.
The AMP Basic Design Kit for Piezo Film Sensors is a great start,
with many samples, applications etc.
Quite a range of off the shelf sensors/transducers in various form
factors are available from AMP.

I should be on their sales team.

Oiii... where's my commission.


Lance Allen
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Uni of Auckland
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New Zealand

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