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Thread: Kynar motion
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> one wall of the bag could be Kynar (Piezo Co-Polymer)plastic that
> will bend when energized (very low power) this will eject the fluid
> into the main body of reacting fluid, a chemical process will take
> place and the internal temp is monitored until another "dose" is
> needed.
> The other unopened bags could even act as a stirring source since
> their respective piezo linings could act together in a synergesis of
> stirring.
> I have experimented with Kynar... it will do this.

How about some details of where to get Kynar film, how to
attach electrodes, etc. to demonstrate this effect?
This sounds like a way cool thing to know about.

Oh, and as for my subject line - I've labelled it [ee OT] since it
seems we have 3 catagories of subject - 1. Stuff directly related to PIC,
2. Stuff related to robots, electrical gizmos, robots, and other stuff
a PIC'ish person might be interested in, 3. general 'commmunity' discussion
(the how many pics to save JFK thing)  I'm experimenting with labelling
catagory 2 topics [ee OT] since 'electrical engineering' seems as
close to describing it as anything.

Need loco motors?

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