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Thread: floppy for notebook [OT]
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Install drivers off your hard drive (Modem or network card the data to
the hard drive, usually.)  Sometimes you have to know exactly HOW to do
this, but usually you can install everything off the HDD.  (Just don't
get your HDD to a non-bootable state!)

For example, I usually install Dos/Windows out of a directory on the HDD
(c:\Dos622.In\Disk1\, Disk2\, etc.; c:\WFW311.In\, c:\Win95.In\, etc.)
I throw device drivers into c:\Dev\scm\Swapbox\ (for SCM Swapbox docks),
etc., so I can FIND things <G>  So, c:\Dev\Pacific\ would be where to
start looking for a driver for my Pacific Parallel Port Floppy Drive.
And so on.

It REALLY simplifies things on laptops without CD-Rom drives, and speeds
installs greatly (just change a URL to point to the right disk
subdirectory, and you're installing lost faster than off floppy.)


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