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Thread: floppy for notebook [OT]
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Hi, Darren;  Many different companies make parallel port floppy drives
(Pacific Rim and Microsolutions {aka Backpack}, for two.)

If you cannot find any, I'll see what I can see, they're quite often $70
USD or so, but sometimes I can find one for less - and, of course,
they're not bootable devices, unfortunately.  One local place has these
fairly often, I was planning to go there tomorrow anyways so I'll go

Another possibility: one of those LS120 External Floppy drives, those
read regular floppies as well IIRC.

And, of course, if you can tell us what make & model the floppy drive
IS, some surplus place may have the same part (but not labeled as an
Olivetti Spare, per se), in stock.


Darren Logan wrote:
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<37A7C159.172F6705@nwlink.com> 7bit

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