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Thread: Suggestion to list admin:
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Actually, Tjaart's web page is not "The Official" web page, he's good
enough to do that voluntarily, so I refer people to him, happily -
anything he does, Jory doesn't have to & I don't have to do.

Same as Iversoft handles the archiving (Far as I know, they do so
completely voluntarily <G>), and I'm happy to point people at their site
also.  Nothing's wrong with voluntary anything, in my book - including
webrings, and so forth.  (If you get yourself thoroughly lost, here in
the USA, the search for you will be mostly staffed by volunteers -
usually fairly well-trained volunteers, mind you <G>  And the Red Cross
etc. that help so many in disaster zones are basically volunteer


James Newton <STOPspameplus1spamBeGonespamSAN.RR.COM> wrote:
> Anyway, it strikes me as stupid that a group as large and dedicated as the
> > PICLIST has a home page under someone's personal site and relies on the
> > bureaucracy of a major educational institute for changes to its handbook.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=
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