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Thread: LCD displays - source, and help ID'ing another
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One place in MN has Optrex DMC20261 2 line by 20 char LCD displays for
$1, I think I'll get some, if anyone else wants one, I'll find the
link/phone #.

 Also, I have access to a "scad" of little prototype (late Beta test,
I'm betting) LG palmtops with a (pretty sure graphics, perhaps even
color?) display, 19-pin interface cable to the display, no part numbers,
looks like it has a touchpad.  Anyone want to help me ID this little
monster, I'd love the help, might be a good deal on a bunch of touch
screens for someone.  Local surplus store has these, about 100ish of


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/lcds.htm?key=lcd
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