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Thread: List filtering [was: Beware!...]
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Bob Drzyzgula wrote:
> On Mon, May 17, 1999 at 10:01:21AM -0700, Mark Willis wrote:
> > <snipped>
> >   I 've learned to never downplay Virus/Worm warnings, they ALWAYS hurt
> > someone far worse than I'd think at first.
> In fact, in many cases, it seems that the virus warning
> *is* the virus, with uneducated users acting as the vector.
> --Bob

 Too true!

 I think the PICList FAQ is going to have to get auto-posting this
week, It's going to be a NASTY week here for me so if I seem more
stressed than normal, please understand.  I'll post it from some free
e-mail service or another, that has automatic posting service available
(Netscape.Net or something.)  It'll definitely start off raw & ragged &
crummy, and improve over time, if I don't do it this week (despite
basically having ended up with all my stuff moved to the garage here),
I'll never get to it.  And I'm changing ISP's in a while here, might as
well not wait.

 I think I'll put pointers to Virus Hoaxes pages and to Current Virus
Warnings pages in there, definitely, and remind people to not run .exe's
they get off the net unless they WANT to risk Virii; probably, those
posting a virus warning in future might consider freshly downloading
their e-mail & looking for other warnings before sending virus warnings
to the list, unless the virus just came in (Bob caught this one
beautifully, as already I told him off list, he handled that one
beautifully - 100 Quatloo bonus! <G>)

 Whatever we do, let's not argue about Virii here, as there're far
better listserves & web pages for virus information on the Internet,
than the PICList <G>  I'd rather have a few spare warnings than someone
get eaten by the "Unhappy 99" virus that I keep expecting some jerk to
write, that IS nasty and destructive and just as prolific as this one
has historically been.  That could take a lot of new users off the
Internet, and get them phobic of the 'Net at the same time, not a good


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Subject (change) List filtering [was: Beware!...]

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