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Thread: RE: Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a joke !
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Many admins are a little hard to convince to install "censoring"
filters that censor by CONTENT - In the US at least, lots of people feel
anything that might infringe on free speech is a BAD Thing, and you
wouldn't want a wrongly set up filter to (for example) let a renamed
worm .EXE be passed around, yet all occurences of warnings about that
worm be censored.  It's best (though seemingly impossible <G>) to
educate people to where they don't run the dang executable without a
good virus scan first.

 Too, try being an admin some time, several that I talk to on
anti-SPAMming forums are kept quite busy just handling SPAM type net
abuse, poison pen letters, (and "He didn't like & agree with what I
said, please nuke his account!" tomfoolery.)

 I 've learned to never downplay Virus/Worm warnings, they ALWAYS hurt
someone far worse than I'd think at first.


Tim Hamel wrote:
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<37404B61.B7D82D65@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=beware+virus+alert
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