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Thread: Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a joke !
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I wouldn't call anything that's self-replicating "harmless" exactly -
I think Jory & I have found it a PAIN, frankly.  (Personally, as I run
WFW 3.11, it cannot burn me.)  Each launch of the dang thing takes up
time & each "Is a virus warning on or off topic" war the piclist gets
into burns some more of my time, and Jory's, and I know one gent at
MIT.EDU that would probably froth at the mouth if you called this 'un

 Technically it's a worm, from an Internet users' standpoint it's a
worm that preys on newer Internet users while using up bandwidth that
could be used for other purposes - Personally, though I cannot be
infested, I would rather have that 11k of bandwidth go to a new good
joke about how many PICListers it takes to understand my sense of humor,
or something <G>


Tim Hamel wrote:
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<3740470E.D43BBE62@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=virus+alert+not
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Subject (change) Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a joke !

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