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Thread: Command Parser
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Andy Kunz wrote:
> At 10:42 AM 5/13/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >>
> >> They are not hard to write quite fun actually.
> >>
> >> > What sort of real nasties should be avoided?
> >>
> >> Interrupts : }}
> >
> ><snipped>
> >instruction fetch loop.
> WAKE UP GUYS!  It was a FUNNY!  WIthout interrupts, a Scenix is just a 4X
> PIC16C57!!!!
> No virtual peripherals!
> Andy

 <G>  But, Andy, isn't having a sense of humor OT on the PICList?  <G>

 One thought I'd add in this thread (beside from teasing everyone!) is
that if you parallel several AT45D081's (for example) and use each one
for a separate task, you can use one buffer as a scratch RAM buffer in
each unit.  !CS is a good pin to use here <G>

 Another Atmel DataFlash clue:  You can interconnect SO and SI;  Saves
one PIC pin.


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