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Thread: Industrial Electronics Problem [OT]
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(Hmmm, Russell, your post just got here.  Time lag?)

 One minor suggestion/question for the list, would it be better to put
the Zener or catch Schottky's on the output pin of the 54C14J, or at the
outside (past the output resistor), at the cable connection?  That's
where I'd be tempted to put them, then any HV noise put into the the
cable is solved right there - you cannot get up *to* even 30 volts on
the other end of that 54C14J output resistor.

 Also, Kelly, one question:  Your web page doesn't give relative
quantities made of the various units, some sort of "The failure rate IS
(or IS NOT) fairly uniform across models made" information might be good
to provide people in some cases, you could provide that without
disclosing sales data directly (in case that's sensitive information.)
In this case, I suspect it's that cable/54C14J connection.

 (I learned something good that I keep losing, from Dave VanHorn,
reminder of Triboelectricity.  Good to be reminded of that.  I need to
go write a note to optoisolate one thing <G>)


Russell McMahon wrote:
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