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Thread: Bad email format?
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Russell McMahon wrote:
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 You're sending just plain text here, Russell.  We could call it a
Win98 "bug" but I suspect it's not - if you send plain text, it's
appropriate for a reply to be in plain text, period!  (HTML responses to
plaintext messages -would- be a bug, IMHO.)  And this will display in a
monospace font like Courier, not the proportionally spaced font that
HTML usually displays in.

 BTW, Do see this line in your headers;
                     text/plain; charset="x-user-defined"

 Could that be giving Win98 a headache?  I don't know.  I don't think
that's it, I think it's Monospace font size.

 Probably, jhumby could change his/her default -monospaced- font to
make plain text show smaller than it apparently currently does, I'd bet
they're used to a proportionally spaced font?  Pretty sure you can do
that under Win98. (About to find out, am installing my dad's Win98
upgrade for him tonight on his old 486DX2/66, 20 Mb, machine.  Gonna be


<37364423.95461E64@nwlink.com> 7bit

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