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Thread: pitot tubes
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Andy, consider making your own with a piece of 3-5mm Brass tubing
swaged down to 1mm or so, a differential pressure transducer, and a bit
of elbow grease?  (Vent the transducer into a 'pore' on the side of the
body of the airplane, same as larger aircraft do it.)

 At www.instrumentation2000.com/catalog/pressure/09/020958a.html
they have a micro-manometer that measures either -14" H2O..+14" H2O, OR,
velocities up to 15,000 fpm.  Seems to me that you could start off by
making your own system, "wind tunnel" test the system (read: Drive
around like a madman, with the rig stuck on a pole sticking up off the
front bumper of your car, to give you some good velocity calibrations),
and call it good.  I'm suspecting a lower pressure range might do you,
though <G>  Start out guessing that 1" H2O = 1,071 fpm, roughly <G>

 (Under constant velocities, the reading will be accurate, smaller
pitot tube will just make the system read a little "laggier", is all.)


Andy Kunz wrote:
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<372FA6FE.6C547D5C@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=pitot+tubes
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