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Thread: Copy Protection; Reverse engineering vs Theft
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Caisson wrote:
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 IIRC the die for a /JW part is *identical* to that for an OTP part,
the only difference being that Quartz window.  John's idea might be
easier to get Microchip to implement, as it wouldn't require a silicon
change, just a test procedure change, which Microchip might be far more
agreeable to than changing their silicon so us developers won't have to
buy more pricey /JW parts...  I imagine the OTP parts make up most of
their sales, after all.

 Thought that occurs to me is that Microchip could burn this bit on ALL
devices - /JW or not - in a UV erasable area, and then require that you
erase the /JW device before first use, at which point you can tell (once
that bit erased) whether you have a JW or a OTP part.  (Flash parts
could be confusing in this situation, except the part NUMBER tells you
they're flash parts, rather clearly <G>)


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