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Thread: Inverting binary word
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       COMF    TANKOD,F
       COMF    PORTB,W

I hope this helps.

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Andreas Magnusson wrote:

> Hello all!
> I have a problem. I am programming a PIC. In the program I load a value from p
ortb to the register TANKOD. The value from portb tell me wich button that is pr
essed down on a keypad. If button 3 is pressed, 3 will be the value of portb.
> My problem is that the keypad use "negative logic" or something like that. A 0
is a 1 and a 1 is a 0. So i want to invert the register.
> 11111100    =>    00000011
> Any Idea how I can do this in a easy way.
> Tnx    /Andreas Magnusson


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