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Thread: Large I2C memory ???
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Use an array of scads of 24LC256's, is one possibility?  (Eww, I know
<G>)  (Scary that there're no datasheets on the Microchip text web site
for these, yet Digi-Key has them for sale...)

 Another possibility, not I2C but possibly will help;  Take a look at
the Atmel AT45D081 and/or AT45D161, off of:
(D081): http://www.atmel.com/atmel/acrobat/doc0871.pdf
(D161): http://www.atmel.com/atmel/acrobat/doc1081.pdf

 Both are available in 5V and 2.7V versions, paged, 10+ mHz serial
clocking rate, basically designed for SPI not I2C but you can get at
them with just 5 PIC pins easily enough, and you can get samples;
$10ish for the D081.  They're in "megabit" sizes, so the D081 is 8
megabit i.e. 1 megabyte;  264 bytes/page so you have room for Error
Correction or the like, if desired.  And two nice 264 byte registers in
there for your use as buffers.  (The D161 may be faster & have larger
pages, IIRC, I'm not using it though.)  I can talk to you more off-list
on it.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/i2cs.htm?key=i2c
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