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Thread: Parts search: clock/timer
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You won't either, Dave, until you send the "Set Repro On" command the
PICList assumes you know what you've sent to the list - so it doesn't
send it back to you, to reduce Internet traffic.  Astonishing to new
users, I'm about to change that default.  You can use Tjaart's handy
page at http://www.wasp.co.za/~tjaart/piclist.html, the "I want to see
my own posts" link there, to do this easily (You may need to send that &
then answer correctly to the verification mail, I haven't done that in a
LONG time.)

 I'm fairly sure you could use a PIC to do this <G>  I'm not sure
you've given us enough data to help, though, otherwise - what crystal
frequency were you thinking of using, what frequency in does the UART
need, and what frequency do the ADC's need to clock data out at?  We're
not always super fast to respond here, but we'll get to you, it helps if
we know enough to be able to answer quickly <G>  (If I'd had coffee yet
this AM I might be able to tell you, alas, I'm running slow still.)

 Might be able to use an HC buffer off the crystal on the UART, even,
but we don't know enough to answer you, yet.


Dave Johnson wrote:
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<372DCE5B.5FEAF09B@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/timers.htm?key=clock
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