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Thread: Membrane keypads and front panel vendors wanted
face BY : Reginald Neale email (remove spam text)

>I am hoping there are few of you out there that
>have had some membrane front panel keypads made.
>I am looking for vendors to supply a thin stick
>on front panel assembly that has a keypad, cursor
>arrows and a cutout for a 2 by 16 line LCD.

 We had a similar panel made and were pleased with this vendor:

   Duragraphix INC.
   320 N. Washington St.
   Rochester NY 14625

 We also had a presentation from:

   GM Nameplate
   10 Francestown Tpk.
   Mt. Vernon NH 03057

 Hope this is helpful.

 Reg Neale


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=membrane+keypads
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