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Thread: What's the easiest I2C PIC (Master) <-> PC Slave?
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> I want to use IC2 to communicate from a PIC to a PC.  Because of
> timing constraints RS-232 is very difficult.
Come again?  Why do you think that I2C is EASIER than RS-232??????

I am using I2C because its multi-master, but for point to point, why
would you go to I2C?

If you want to buy a ready made solution, there is a company called
Micro Computer Control (MCC) that does I2C/SMBus stuff, try them at
http://www.mcc-us.com  Look at their MIIC-201 hardware and software.  They
make good stuff; I have one of their MIIC-101 Bus analyzers. Its easy
to use and makes debugging I2C problems possible.  Without one, its
like debugging clocked logic without a 'scope.

Barry King
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NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
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