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Thread: Problems downloading MPLAB to PRO MATE
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On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 21:46:06 EDT Larry Fostano <@spam@Oscarr7272spamspamaol.com>
>Have you looked to see if you have a high speed urt chip that is
>capable of
>thoes speeds?

       I think any UART in any PC is pretty much capable of something
like 115 kbps.  It's a matter of whether the PC can keep up.  Going to a
UART with a FIFO helps the PC keep up.  This is running on a 486DX2-66.
The UART does not have a FIFO.
       The DOS software to drive the PRO MATE runs fine (though I don't
know what speed it's running at).  The MP LAB software (which, I
understand, calls PROCMD.EXE) crashes part way through a firmware
download.  The documentation on PROCMD.EXE indicates the default speed is
19.2 kbps, but that it can be set to 9.6 kbps.  I haven't found in MP LAB
where the speed to talking to the PRO MATE can be changed.  Anyone know
where this is?  I think this is my best bet on getting this working.


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