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> It only needs an active hybrid and isolating transformer to complete the
> modem. And - er - approval for use. But I have a feeling that a company
> called (I think) Cybertek make exactly that part.

I think you mean Cermetek.  The "Hybid and Isolation" component is
called a DAA (for data access arrangement).  It takes the audio
signals and connects them to the line with pre-engineered
protection for the device and the phone line.

Some of the Cermetek DAAs are approved so that a product which
uses them properly is automatically approved by FCC for sale in the
US.  Also for DOC in Canada, IIRC.  They also have models which
satisfy the slightly different and always "strictly needed" variants
for various EU countries.

I almost wish the EU would harmonize Telecom approvals, but its
likely to result in "all of the above" levels of complexity (and
therefore cost), like the other approval harmonizations have.

Cermetek also makes packaged modems which take Asynch serial at TTL
levels (like from PIC Asynch pins) directly, including the DAA, as a
hybrid module.

Cermetak has a WWW site, but I don't have the URL.  Also, there is
another maker of these things, whose name escapes me, but a search
for "DAA" on altavista will likely turn them both up.

Hopefully, this helps.

Barry King, KA1NLH
Engineering Manager
NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
Hinesburg, Vermont, USA
"The witty saying has been deleted due to limited EPROM space"


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