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Thread: identifying a LCD Panel
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This is a 1x16 STN LCD module, probably with an LED backlight. It also
looks like
this is an obsolete part. Current part number appears to be L167100J000.
Take a peek
at http://www.eio.com/cgi-bin/byteserver.pl/m16410a.pdf . I think this
describes the
part your have. Fortunately, the pinouts of the LCD modules using the
Hitachi HD44780
controller are (as far as I can tell) identical.

There is a lot of code available to show how to use the display. One sample
(used in
a DDS synthesizer project) is at
http://waterw.com/~njqrp/mbrproj/dds_vfo4.txt . There
is also somewhere, a program that will write a test pattern to the LCD,
which works
with single and double row LCDs or different lengths. I can't find it right
now or I would
include it. I'll follow up if I can find the code.

BTW, this was all found through AltaVista  ;-)


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