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Thread: identifying a LCD Panel
face BY : Sebastián Dols email (remove spam text)

Hello again PICsters. A friend has given to me an LCD panel with no info or
specs, and I am triying to identify it in order to make something usable
with it.

The only info I can see is, in different places:


Is one row, and th ucontroller in the back is a 8M3- HD44780A00, with 14
pins and a C.A. connexion, so i think is backligthed..

absolute no info in a Inet search (altavista, etc.)

Somebody knows something about it?

<00c701be81b2$fe782100$9712a8c0@esegi.es> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/lcds.htm?key=lcd
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