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Thread: Relay problem..
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On Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:11:16 +0300 Andreas Nyholm <KILLspama.nyholmspamspamKILLspamAGROLINK.FI>
>I'm going to have my PIC16F84 to pull a relay.
>My relay is 55 ohm and I'm wondering if I just can put a 220 ohm
>resistor in serial to the relay and then straight up to Vdd. But
>certainly I must have a diode over the relay, but should it work

       What is the rated coil voltage of the relay?  With the circuit you
propose, the relay coil will get about 20% of the 5 volts available on
Vdd, or 1 volt.  I doubt this is enough to pull in the relay.


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