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Thread: LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB, Gerbers,and Windows 95
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in my statement I meant the motherboard's BIOS, of course. However, AFAIK,
the different LINUX servers (this is the way how LINUX deals with
different video cards) serve the VGA chip really on h/w base, i. e. they
does not use the Video BIOS of the card. There are a lot of (I recall,
about 300) different configurations, cards supported by the about 10
different X servers. Really, I need to specify the RAMDAC type, the
ClockChip type, the VGA chip, the different frequencies of the monitor
etc. etc. if I set up a particular X server on a particular machine. And,
suprisingly, it IS stabil and not risky. Maybe I am in error, but I am so
informed and if you want to know more, look at http://www.linux.org


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Subject (change) LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB, Gerbers,and Windows 95

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