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Thread: The Best C Compiler
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the original opinion was: it is better to fetch a small loan from your
bank or own budget and with this afford Hi-Tech C compiler (for $750),
than buy CCS for $99 and pay the same amount practically every year due to
their upgrade policy. On the other hand, this way the perspective is about
6 year. Who knows whether he/she will work with PIC's also after 6 years?
Such way the decision process is multi-factorial and depends far more
factors than the quality (also not simple to describe exactly) of the
software and the support. Individuals also tend to treat the importance of
support differently (I personally handle it as a last resort, bcus for the
cost of a call I could buy a new software...). This is a well-known
problem: can you compare vectors if the different element pairs have not
all the same relation? It depends on weight factors then, and they - as
said - tend to diverge.

This is my $0.02 word.


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