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Thread: pic16pro programing software troubles
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I could not persuade my homemade programmer for PIC16PRO to work unless I
put two 330 pF condensers between RB.7 - GND and RB.6 - GND, respectively.
Now it works fine. However, in some cases, the ISP does not work, such way
I made a small programming breadboard. Now everything is fine.


On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Matthew Ballinger wrote:

> >Has anyone used the pic16pro software to program pics with a DT001
> >programer from dontronics? I am at the moment trying to use this setup
> >to program a 16C73a with no success. When I try to program the pic it
> >comes up with an error   0 287D 3FFF.
>         I once used the software and a homemade programmer and was getting the
> errors you are getting. I could find no fault with the hardware. The error I
> got only came intermittently though. In most cases it worked great. When I did
> get the fault I had to restart the program a few times before it would work
> again. I never figured out what the problem was however. Hopefully someone out
> there can help us.
> Matt


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