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Thread: Solar Panel / Battery hybrid power for palmtop
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Hi again Mark
There have been some adds in Nuts & Volts for flat pack lead acid gel
batteries. I will try to locate something and scan it for you. There was
also an article in EDN Feb 4/99 Design Feature- Solar Power. Sorry I have
recycled mine but perhaps some good soul would send you the article (Page
120 or so).
Home power Magazine has done some of these projects and may have some info
on their website http://www.homepower.com/hp/. HP may be a little too grass
roots for you.
Your panel will have to be a good size. A 6v panel will not usually put out
as high as 10-10.5v so a 12v panel may be the most cost effective, unless
maybe you want to mount up cells to make your own custom panel. You will
probably end up with better than 1 square foot for your panel and more if
you go with amorphous.

The batteries, I'm assuming gel, love to be equalized fairly often and
there is evidence that shows prolonged life with pulsed charging. There may
be a spot for a PIC in the battery management system. Sounds like a fun

Wil Reeder
Vancouver,Canada 0x34
solar,wind,tide, TEG  renewable energy

| From: Mark Willis <.....mwillisspam_OUTspamEraseMENWLINK.COM>
| Subject: Re: [OT] Solar Panel / Battery hybrid power for palmtop
| Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 2:04 AM
| I'm after 10V to 10.5V, 1.3A peak (800mA works, though, and the
| palmtop has an internal battery.  Probably can get by on 400-500 mA most
| of the time, give or take.)  I want a small Lead-Acid battery pack
| probably (Want a package the size of a regular laptop or so, but 2/3 of

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