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Thread: Solar Panels? Charge sealed batteries.
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>I've messed with them. I build them for Cathodic Protection Units.
>Have about 200 to 250 units out in the field. For reliably I had to
>keep the charging circuit simple. Just a switch mode shunt regulator.

Hmm, interesting. I was thinking to just use a simple non isolated
Buck converter controlled by a PIC. This way I can simply add a
charging algorithm and other stuff too. MPPT is accomplished
by simply adjusting duty cycle for maximum charging current. This
way the input PV module operates at his Maximum Power Point.

>How big are the batteries you are talking about?

It's a 24V 400AmpHour battery system.


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/batterys.htm?key=batteries
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