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Thread: Solar Panels? - Why PWM Works
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A solar panel power delivery can be likened to a Low pass Bode plot.
It you unload the cells they tend to rise in voltage - it is a natural
response from being srtuck by light.   So, at this point the Array voltage
and there is an effective higher voltage output.  As you load this with a
the draws power the array voltages drops again.   But if you pulse load this
the average voltage delivered is some higher.   The regulation unit must look
the maximum product of V panel to I delivered to battery / load.  It now is a
proportional drive to track a hi - right on - low point that allows the
power to be tracked and delivered.   There is a need to understand that PV
are not linear they a bowed - the V*I max in the bow can be tracked.   I have
PVs on my roof and collect 1/3 of all my electrical needs.   If I can help
witht his write...  Trace Engineering makes some nice $value products...

Eric Borcherding

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