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Thread: Solar Panels?
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On Sun, 7 Mar 1999 20:30:12 +1100 PJH <elekRemoveMEspamNETSTRA.COM.AU> writes:
>Hey, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Not bad at all. There's a a
>chip from
>Motorola, the MC34063,  sometimes goes by the id uA78S40. It's a
>Regulator Controller" for DC:DC step up\step down supplies that'd be
>ideal in the
>application.You can boost it's o/p current easily and use a pic to
>oversee the whole
>thing, switching between batteries, turning off the system for a
>periodic charge up
>etc.(Just thinking of my remote camera app, not the sun-car.)

       I've used the 78S40 before, but I don't see why to use it here.  Why not
just have the PIC generate the appropriate PWM and drive the FET directly
(or through a driver if we need a higher gate voltage)?  As I've stated
before, the ideal design has zero parts!


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