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Thread: Solar Panels?
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>I never saw a step-up conversion with a productivity better
>than 85-87%... even the small ones produced by Maxim or Linear
>Tech, and charge capacitive pumps are not better, so I think
>that losing 15% in solar power is a high price.

Charge pumps (capacitors) are the WORST in efficiency. Think about
I^2R losses, and what happens when you connect a discharged cap to a

Boost converters can get into the high 90s especially if the working
voltages are respectable.

Were I charging lead acid batteries from a solar array, I would set
the array for the highest voltage that is less than the battery
discharged voltage, then use a current mode boost circuit set to a
limit current at some reasonable rate WRT the battery size, maybe C/5
or some such, and set the voltage to about 2.3 or 2.4 V/Cell.   CS384X
series make great controllers for this sort of thing.

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