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Thread: Solar Panels?
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Mark Willis wrote:
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Well, I was born in Brazil, southest state, almost the end of South
right above Uruguay country, we use to see the world map south-down,
the water swirls contrary to the north hemisphere, and also the radio
yes, helicoidal antennas are build contrary to the ones used in north
side of
the globe.

There are few scientists down there trying to convince us that the globe
must be plotted from inside out, since it is easy to see the
Imagine yourself in the physical middle of the planet ball, so it would
easy to pinpoint any place in the globe using lat/long/alt. In real this
not a bad idea, since it is easy to create the concept of real distance
between points.  If you first connect the origin and destination by a
internal line, then stretch it to the surface via an arch, you get it.

Lots of people really think that it is easy to go from New York to Japan
a straight horizontal line to the west, via San Francisco for example,
going straight via Alaska is shorter.  But it is very easy to see that
you imagine yourself inside the globe.

So, going back to the subject, anybody out there already developed any
PIC interface to a GPS unit powered by a Solar Panel?
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