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Thread: Solar Panels?
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Lynx {Glenn Jones} wrote:
> > summer, so, some form of regulation may be required. Mechanically: Face the
> > cells south (true not magnetic --try the shadow at noon trick) or if the
> Unless, of course you live in the souther hemisphere :)

 Not at all;  You just need to set them at a NEGATIVE angle <G>

 (I remember one application one person was complaining about showing
the world map "upside down" - turns out the developer chose to "flip"
the world view when you chose a home city in the southern hemisphere, so
South was "up" - freaked this user out <G> - I suggested he pick a "home
base" city in the same Time Zone, but north of the equator.  I've seen
THAT one more than once, sorta a neat trick, easy enough to do from a
coding point of view, too!)


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