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Thread: Solar Panels?
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I spend about half my time living in a solar powered house (wind too). The
general rules are electrically: a Shottkey diode in the line to the battery
and you will likely need three times the solar panel in the winter than
summer, so, some form of regulation may be required. Mechanically: Face the
cells south (true not magnetic --try the shadow at noon trick) or if the
sun is obstructed face it at the center of the open area. Set the cells at
an angle equal to your latitude.
A simple regulation method could be a 6.3v zener at the panels, rated to
handle the full output, then on to the blocking diode and battery (4.8 v
Hope this is some help, You get extra points for going with renewable

Wil Reeder
Vancouver,Canada 0x34
solar,wind,tide, TEG  renewable energy

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| Subject: [OT]Solar Panels?
| Date: Friday, March 05, 1999 12:40 PM
| Hi,
| Can anyone point me to a website
| where I can bone up on the ins &
| outs of solar panels?
| I have to operate a PIC-controlled
| remote camera system and the
| Pb-acid batteries get sucked dry
| pretty quick. It operates at night
| so trickle\periodic charge by day
| looks good. I've never fiddled with
| solar cells before but I'd guess
| the main gotcha would be if the
| batteries discharged thru the solar
| panel - and fried it.
| The panel I'll use is fairly
| expensive so I'm just looking for
| a  page with some practical tips on
| hooking up solar panels, what not
| to do, how to screw up big-time etc
| etc.
| Regards & thnax - PJH.

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