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Thread: response by Abu Kareem to Statement by Seven Organizations
face BY : Mark Willis email (remove spam text)

(PicList folks:  Here's my "LART" to the applicable people.

 What I found by looking things up here was that the PacBell.Net
account was used to send the e-mail (Dialup), and that Best.Net is the
ISP for TLG.Net, Meer.Net, and Sunnah.Org.  (T1 line to them from
Best.Net, too - <envy> <G>)

 If you send your own "LART", do paste in full headers as received at
your end - my full LART enclosed the full text of the post, so you could
say "full text of UBE available on request" if you want <G>


 This 23k long UBE was posted to a mailing list (with 1700 plus
members) which I belong to.  It's not the content I object to here - I
don't care for ANY unsolicited Bulk e-mail, sent to me "postage due", in
effect.  Many members of the mailing list I'm on, get to pay by the byte
for their e-mail, so it costs them dearly.  And some of them will likely
complain as well.

 There is no difference in my eyes between Unsolicited Bulk e-mail that
has commercial content, from UBE that has non-commercial content, I
don't want EITHER in my in-box, nor does most anyone else.  Want to hear
me talk about how wonderful one electronics design is compared to
another - or want me to rant against how people with disabilities are
treated by DSHS and other government agencies at you, weekly?  I thought

 My e-mail box is not for anyone & everyone with someone they're
unhappy about, to spew into.  It's for people who have something to say
to me, that I'm very likely rather interested in, or for the occasional
stranger to post personal messages to, to get to know me - not for
massive ranting tomes, whether they advocate buying "Zit-FREE" or some
other commercial scam, or they back some political position or another,
or whatever.

Best.Net:  These folks know enough to post to UseNet or put up a web
site & log it with search engines, same as any other clued person
would.  Please assist in getting clues to the clue-impaired, as needed,
here.  You provide connectivity to TLG.Net, Meer.Net, and Sunnah.Org,

meer.net:  The exch.wads.meer.net or exch.meer.net []
machine was used to relay this UBE "SPAM" to the mailing list I'm on;
it is still open to relaying 3rd party SMTP e-mail at this time, though
at least it ID stamps it!  Please also work with Sunah.Org to make sure
that this Bulk E-Mailer never does this again.

Sunnah.Org:  If Mateen Siddiqui <EraseMEmateens.....spamSUNNAH.ORG> did actually send
this huge diatribe to all & sundry, please nuke that account for for
abuse of the Internet.  I don't mind people sending other people long
e-mail, I don't see why the 1700 plus people on this electronics parts
related mailing list should get this, though.  Most Internet users do
not want to receive unsolicited Bulk e-mail, you offend many when you
treat them this way.

PacBell.Net:  Your ppp-206-170-2-18.sntc01.pacbell.net []
machine was the injection point for this UBE "SPAM", send to who knows
HOW many people (The list of recipients below is sorta huge!)

 Please investigate & take action per the AUP of the Internet as well
as your AUP's/TOS's - Thanks!

 Mark, mwillisRemoveMEspamspam_OUTnwlink.com

 Full headers pasted:

<36D9CAC4.5F769F7E@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=response+abu+kareem
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