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Thread: Good board Mfr & price guesstimate
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Andy Kunz wrote:
> <snipped>
> Whenever possible, go with minimalist approach.  1 layer is cheapest (try
> using 1 layer for the ADC area with GND plane under it).  Don't worry about
> solder mask unless you have to.  Never put down a screen except for
> large-run protos that you expect to screw up.
> Andy

 I've wondered but not yet tried these super-cheap approaches for SMD
or 1-sided stuff, where you want a ground plane on the 2nd side:  Do a
1-layer board, then glue or wire tie (or whatever), old scrap PC board
you have lying around, under the board, metal side against the bottom of
the board.  You could home-etch ground planes pretty easily, if you want
only a certain area.  Not necessarily something to do for super-critical
parts, OTOH for a cheap prototype it can save $$.  Another alternative
is copper tape.

 Though if you don't connect the other PCB, or the tape, to ground,
your results might not match your expectations <G>  Do this wisely
(understand impedance implications) etc.


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