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Thread: posting schematics as pspice model
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Some thoughts to add to others' good thoughts:

 Not only Transistors but DIODES! need AK (vs. CBE) designated.  And I
haven't been seeing any kind of power ratings on resistors in there
(Pretty dang important for lots of parts, folks!)  Though for more
flexibility, cautions like "Heatsink the U7 regulator!" might need to be
in text after the description.

 Some sort of named call could be used, i.e.
 D, 1, 1N4001, PIV=25, I=1mA, AK=5,3
 would mean "I used a 1N4001 as D1, you need 25+PIV but only 1mA max
current, put cathode to node 3 and anode to node 5."  A 1N4148 might
work instead here, or a 1N914, but this way you'd know what had been
 R, 12, 1k2, 10W, At=14,5 //must be a non-inductive resistor!
 Q, 3, 2N2222A, NPN, Beta=20+, V=50, I=20mA, CBE=4,5,6
 i.e. Beta must be 20 or more.

 If some company had a scheme & would publish it, we could USE a subset
of that spec (It'd be sorta an inducement to some to buy that product -
if you could drop a schematic into that circuit editor, move parts
around & then route to get rid of the rubber bandings & you're done...
Dream on, huh?)

 I don't really need others' exact wire routings, trace dimensions, via
and pad locations, etc. etc. for a quick sketched idea of how to do an
oscillator or a hardware switch debouncer or a 120VAC to 5VDC power
supply, safely and functionally - I can hand-sketch the schematic in MY
style, well enough, the whole idea here is to really minimize
listserve-wide character count.  Something like a mutated wirelist from
the right package should be about right.

 And we might want to keep it sort of "Meta", come to think of it, as
if all I need is two inverters and a tri-state buffer in there, I don't
really need the rest of those IC's in there - if we can at least put
MOST parts in pretty specifically, though, it'd be easier on all of us.
So some parts might need to be "non-compliant" with the source parkage,
or take extra editing, whatever <G>


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=spi
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