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Mike DeMetz wrote:
> <snipped>
> If you were running WIN9x/NT I would recommend IrfanView. Free, 800K
> single file, reads most any picture(and sound) format. Does cropping and
> conversions, also batch.

 Might pass me more info on that off-list.  I carry this DOS PC110
around with me, everywhere I go, so I like to stay at the "least common
denominator" stage - I can dump pictures off her camera onto a large
Flash or a CF card and store them until later, using hardly any battery
power, then process the pictures at home where I have the Win95 P166
box, easily enough.  I just wish everything wasn't always headed so
totally incompatible with each other!

 Anyone else on this list, REALLY tired of re-designing the wheel,
learning new tools that don't do what you had going just right with your
previous tools, and paying for the privilidge of feeling goofed up, just
mumble under your breath like I do <G>  Works for me <Riight.>


<36D76666.B7961422@nwlink.com> 7bit

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