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Thread: micro mini air solenoids
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Paul B. Webster VK2BZC wrote:
> Mark Willis wrote:
> >   Fun project!  Look at the Atmel AT45D081 et al, a megabyte of pretty
> > fast flash RAM, might help you do this...
>   Ummm, "flash RAM"?  Is this not an oxymoron?  Is it serial?
> --
>   Cheers,
>         Paul B.

 Yep, serial clock rate of 10 MHz (AT45D081) and now 15 MHz for the
D161's.  $10 USD for the D081 part, last I priced 'em.  See
for access to various AT45D161 information <G>  I'll stay on the D161

 There are 2, 528-byte data buffers in the chip (4096 pages of 528
bytes), and only 9 pins total:  Vcc, Gnd, !Chip Select, Serial Clock,
Serial Input, Serial Output, !Write Protect, !Reset, Ready/!Busy.
SOIC-28 form factor.

 You can connect Serial Input and Serial Output together, I'm told
(Trying it pretty soon on my AT45D081's).

 !CS can be hard wired on/off, same for !WP.

 !Reset, connect to your PIC's !MClr pin.

 Leaves you with 3 active pins and some programming to do - Serial
Clocking, Serial Data, and "Hang on, I'm writing to the chip still" for
a max of 15 (Just page write) or 20 (page erase & write) mSec.  I need
to get wired to mine & start coding...

 So you can get near 512 bytes, plus some ECC bits, written at around a
40 pages/second rate, I'd guess, i.e. 20 k bytes/second record rate, for
up to 100 seconds (2 Megabytes.)  Have to be a really *fast* organ
player to need MIDI data stored at 20 kbytes/second (and you could
parallel several IIRC and use !CS addressing off a shift register or
whatever to address several of these chips, IIRC.)

 The 24LC65 is another possibility (those can be paralleled up to 8 on
different addresses easily enough.)


<36D5C5CA.C2471ECC@nwlink.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/motors.htm?key=solenoid
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